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Grilling Recipes

Grilled Beef Eye of Round Roast Recipe

by Roberta Nowell
  • This is one of our favorite ways to grill a roast and it's so simple.
  • We started with a 2-1/2 lb Beef Eye of Round Roast. We're lean meat fanatics so we trim off as much fat as possible, but many prefer to leave the fat and then trim on the plate.
  • The next step is the key. I tenderize the heck out of it. Place the roast on your cutting board and tenderize both sides of the roast. I hold the tenderizer diagonal to the roast. Start at one end and go all the way to the other end. Turn the tenderizer about 90 degrees and do that side again. Flip your roast and do the second side just like the first. The main idea here is to get pretty good coverage on both sides. You won't believe what a difference the tenderizer makes. I won't grill anything without it.
  • Our marinade is simple but so delicious. Just combine 4 oz. of Teriyaki Marinade & Sauce with 1 tsp. of Garlic Powder. Throw the mix into a Ziplock with your Roast and let it marinade for about an hour. With all of the tenderizer channels through the meat you're marinade time can be a lot less than normal.
  • Fire up your grill.
  • I use a fairly low temperature setting so the meat will slow cook. Temperature settings, distance from the coals, thickness of the meat and your personal preference make it impossible for me to say how long you should cook your roast for. I flipped this one 4 or 5 times, around 10 to 13 minutes each time. It's best not to cut into the meat to find out how done it is, because you let out all of the juices. So a good guide to see how done the meat is, is to use the "squish test". Just press into the top of the roast with your tongs. If the meat is pretty squishy then your somewhere near rare. If the meat is kinda halfway between squishy and firm then you got medium. If the meat is firm then you got well done. After a while you'll get good at telling how well done anything you're grilling is just by pressing on it.
  • Happy Grilling.

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