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Liquid Natural Meat Tenderizer


100% Natural Meat Tenderizer
For Meat, Fish or Fowl

Excellent tenderizer for Venison & other tough meats !

3V Liquid Natural Meat Tenderizer Poster

100% Natural Meat Tenderizer

Sodium Free Odorless
MSG Free Colorless
Sugar Free Tasteless
Fat Free Parve
Cholesterol Free Kosher
Triple Filtered Water
Refined Papain Derived from Papaya

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How to tenderize meat using 3V Liquid Natural Meat Tenderizer


The gallon of concentrate is mixed 1:1 with water for the same strength as the 4 oz.


Centuries Ago, native people in the tropical climate of Central America accomplished tenderization by boiling meat with unripe Papaya fruit or by wrapping meat with the leaves of the Papaya plant. What they didn't know was that they were witnesses to a chemical reaction of one of the most efficient tenderizers known today - Papain
Unlike powders and other meat tenderizers, the original 3V Liquid Meat Tenderizer is all natural and contains no Sodium, MSG, Sugar or any other additives. It is completely tasteless, odorless, easy to use and leaves a clean surface and a good after taste.
Why is meat tough? Muscles have to endure a lot of mechanical stress; they are made of strong fibers that make them hard to cut, and tough connective tissue holds them together. Individual muscle cells contain microscopic fibrils that give them their structural integrity and allow them to contract. The fibrils have a complex internal structure bound together by long protein chains. The connective tissue that holds the muscle together is also mostly protein.
What is papain? Papain is a protein-cleaving enzyme derived from papaya and certain other plants. Enzymes are complex molecules produced in living organisms to catalyze (speed up) chemical reactions within the cell. Papain cuts the protein chains in the fibrils and also in the connective tissue, disrupting the structural integrity of the muscle fiber, and tenderizing the meat. Papain also has a mild, soothing effect on the stomach and aids in protein digestion.
The 3V Liquid Meat Tenderizer shortens cooking time without sacrificing safety, thereby reduces meat shrinkage up to 25% ! - It gives good quality meat even more appetite appeal and enhances the enjoyment of the more common, low-priced cuts of meat.
That is why, since 1941, 3V has never stopped providing the industry with the original 3V Liquid Meat Tenderizer. This tenderizer is manufactured using a special process that retains the benefits of the papain and its high potency.

I used the 3V Meat Tenderizer on a Top Round Steak the first time as a test. This cut of meat is usually lower in fat and cholesterol. But, it can be tough to eat. I cut off about 1/4 of the steak and tenderized the rest according to the directions. There was a remarkable difference in texture between the two pieces of meat.

I recommend that you test this product the same way I did the first time you use it, so that you can see the difference for yourself.

Tom Nowell

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