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Drunken Chicken Roaster

If we don't have what you're looking for,
probably does.

Never Have Dry Chicken Again !

It Couldn't be Simpler !

Grab your convenient one piece chicken beer roaster.

Pour your favorite beer, marinade or fruit juice in the beer roaster.
Place your chicken on the beer roaster & place in the oven or barbeque.

Serve your moist, delicious chicken.

Broast a full size chicken right in your Oven or on your Barbeque Grill.

It is designed to give your chicken the wonderful beer flavor
or turn it into a
fruity delight.

Better than an aluminum beer can - it's Stainless Steel.

Never have dry
chicken again.

The Moister Roaster !

Simple 1-piece construction, vertical roaster reduces fat while cooking.

Moist, delicious
flavor has never
been so simple.

Use your favorite
beer, marinade or
fruit juice to
enhance your flavor.

Better than a beer can.

The sturdy, large base makes it easier to use.

Camerons Beer Can Chicken Roaster (Broaster) - Also known as a Beer Butt Chicken, Drunk Chicken or Drunken Chicken Roaster. Broast a full size chicken right in your oven or on your barbeque! Simple one piece stainless steel construction. Vertical chicken beer roaster allows reduced fat while maintaining the moisture. Use your favorite beer, marinade or fruit juice. Never have dry chicken again ! (Order Code 30032)

Try also injecting the chicken with an injectable marinade for an enhanced flavor experience. Click here for information on Injectors & Injectable Marinade.

Directions for oven or barbecue grill use & rub recipes included.


And 74 Other Offbeat Recipes for the Grill By Steven Raichlen

Chicken on a beer can? You bet! When Steven Raichlen, America's barbecue guru, says it's the best grilled chicken he's ever tasted, cooks stop and listen.

An essential addition to every grill jockey's library, Beer-Can Chicken presents 75 must-try beer-can variations and other offbeat recipes for the grill. Recipes such as Saigon Chicken with Lacquered Skin and Spicy Peanut Sauce, Root Beer Game Hens, Beer-Can Turkey (uses the 32-ounce Foster's), Stoned Chicken (it's grilled under a brick), Dirty Steak, Fish on a Board (Salmon with Brown Sugar Glaze), Mussels Eclade-grilled under pine needles, Grilled Eggs, Wacky Rumaki, Rotisseried Garlic Rolls-even Grilled Yellow Pepper Soup will have your mouth-watering. Whether on a can, on a stick, under a brick, in a leaf, on a plank, or in the embers, each grilling technique is explained in easy-to-follow steps, with recipes that guarantee no matter how crazy the technique, the results are always outstanding. So pop a cold one and have fun. Paperback - 336 pages- Order code RAICHLEN4


Captain Steve's Beer Can Chicken Roaster System - This patented "Drunken Chicken" roaster puts the moisture back into poultry that normal cooking takes out. The "Heat Vectoring Drip Pan" vectors heat directly to the base of the beverage can and into the body cavity of the chicken. Faster heating of the beverage provides more steam for more flavor, moisture and faster cooking times.

Beerbutt Chicken Roaster Collapses flat for convenient storage. Directions for oven or barbecue grill use included. 100% Stainless Steel. Recipes Included. Enjoy Low Cholesterol, fun and healthy cooking.

Drunk Chicken Roaster Only - Order Code CAPTSTEVE1
Drunk Chicken Roaster & Heat Vectoring Drip Pan Combo - Order Code CAPTSTEVE3


Buster's Drunk Chicken Roost TM - Get ready for the best beer can chicken you have ever tasted! Juicy, tender and flavorful, nothing beats a drunk chicken cooked on the Roost! Works in your grill or kitchen oven with your choice of spice rub and beverage (its not just for beer!). Click on instructions for details. Whether you are cooking a single chicken for a quiet dinner or four for a tailgate party, you can't go wrong with our Roost! Uses less than one square foot of grill space. Don't miss the Georgia Chicken Cookin' Championship recipe included with each Roost. Buster's Drunk Chicken Roost™ makes it easy! The perfect cooking accessory for grillers, or for anyone that wants great tasting chicken!

Buster's Drunk Chicken Roost is a High Performance 4 barrel beer can chicken cooker, and it goes from chicken to grill in 5 minutes flat! For customized performance, each barrel can be loaded separately with your choice of inserts. Slot frame design reduces weight, and a competition suspension system keeps it flat on the grill with the cans upright, and it stops chicken flop. Vertical grab handle provides operator comfort, and rust-proof stainless steel construction means less time in the roost wash. And if you like to smoke 'em up, this will really please the crowd. Try one today, and be the winner in your circle!

Click on Drunk Chicken Recipes for Buster's Recipes.

Buster's Drunk Chicken Roost - Order Code BUSTER1

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