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Disposable Charcoal Grill

Perfect for Tailgating, Picnics, Camping, Hiking, Beaches, Hunting !

Now, just about anywhere you go to have fun outdoors
is also a great place to have a barbecue !

Deluxe Version
with Legs
Lighting !
Grills for
30 Minutes
Natural Oak &
Hickory Flavor !
Fast &
Easy !
Included !
No Lighter Fluid
Needed !
No Messy Grill
to Clean Up !


is the disposable charcoal grill that can be used virtually everywhere! Perfect for camping and tailgating, this convenient item is totally self-contained. No lighter fluid is needed to start the charcoal, and clean-up is nonexistent. Simply remove the plastic wrapper and light the bag of charcoal through the holes in the sides of the aluminum pan. The grill is ready to use in fifteen short minutes. Food can be grilled for up to thirty minutes. After cooking is complete, extinguish the coals and dispose of the entire grill in an appropriate garbage receptacle. This product is compact, lightweight, and perfect for every outdoor setting.




When I found this product, I thought, what a great idea. Now whenever my wife and I get an afternoon to head
down to the beach or an overnight camping trip, we throw two steaks or a couple of burgers in a cooler and grab a Grill-n-Go and we're set for dinner. We've even taken one with us on kayak trips on the river.
Guy Nowell

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