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Jaccard Ceramic Knives

Ceramic Knives by Jaccard offer unparalleled strength and maintain their original edge for up to 10 years without sharpening. Cut slices so thin you can actually see through them! The ultra-sharp, diamond ground, ceramic blades from Jaccard offer superior performance for cutting all types of fruits, vegetables and boneless meats. The ultra-pure composition of Jaccard ceramic will not alter the taste or smell of fresh foods. Unlike stainless steel knives that transfer metallic residues, causing many items to brown quickly. Lightweight blades, paired with ergonomic, comfort-grip handle, provide an ideal slicing experience for any chef. The perfectly balanced handle eliminates fatigue that often occurs during repetitive slicing.

4" Utility Ceramic Knife

5" Slicing Ceramic Knife

6" Chef's Ceramic Knife

6" Bread & Bagel Ceramic Knife

Jaccard Ceramic Knives are easily cleaned with hot soapy water. When not in use, place the included protective sheath over the ceramic blade to prevent injury and damage to the knife. Jaccard Ceramic Knives should not be used to cut through bone or frozen foods. The ceramic blade will remain factory sharp for up to 10 years. But, if sharpening is needed, Jaccard will resharpen your knives at no charge on a diamond wheel. If you believe that sharpening is required, please contact Jaccard Corporation's Customer Service toll free at 866-478-7373. Like most kitchen products from Jaccard, your ceramic knives are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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