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Roasting Pans

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Camerons Professional Cookware

Three quality cookware products combined to roast, sauté and bake your favorite foods

High quality 18/10 seamless stainless steel construction.

• Triple-ply brushed steel cooking surfaces on top and bottom pans allow you to use them separately as sauté pans as well as together as an extra large roaster.

• Side-mount diagonal handles allow for more access in crowded ovens and hollow design stays cool to the touch.

• Tri-Ply (encapsulated) construction top and bottom with 5 mm Aluminum insert to provide better heat transfer without “hot spots”.

• Easy drain rack hangs on the edge of the pan and allows you to drain right into the bottom pan to sauté gravies or sauces.

• Adding liquids (water, wine etc.) in the bottom pan creates a great steamer or poacher right on your stovetop.

•The top and bottom pans are extra large sauté pans; combined they create a roaster.

• Can also be used to smoke a wide variety of foods on your stovetop by adding wood chips layered with aluminum foil. Click here to find out how.

Multi-Roaster (Large Roasting Pan) - 11.5 Liter - 16.6" Long x 11" Wide x 7.5" High. Oval Shape. (Accommodates a 20 lb. Turkey, Small Ham or Large Roast)

Bottom 10 Quart and can be used as a Sauté Pan or Stock Pot.

Top 4 Quart and can be used as a Sauté Pan, Open Casserole or Serving Tray.

Multi-Roaster (Small Roasting Pan) - 7 Liter - 13.3" Long x 9" Wide x 6.25" High. Oval Shape (Accommodates a 10-12 lb. Turkey, Large Chicken, or Medium to Large Roast)

Bottom 7 Quart and can be used as a Sauté Pan or Stock Pot.

Top 3 Quart and can be used as a Sauté Pan, Open Casserole or Serving Tray.




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